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The small modifications that could invalidate your car insurance

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Oct 16, 2018

Making modifications to your car without informing your insurers could invalidate your car insurance.

Many car owners might have modifications on their vehicles that they are not aware of. Yet failure to tell their insurers about these could invalidate their insurance, according to the Mirror.

Any changes you make to your car, even aesthetic alterations like specialist paintwork or decals, could affect the cost of replacing your car in the event it is stolen or damaged. This is because these changes are not factory standard.

Though only 1.6% of drivers claim to have modifications on their vehicles, this might be because drivers are not declaring their alterations. It’s best to check what the factory standard is for your car, so you can be sure there are no added extras.

Changes that are classed as modifications could include satellite navigation, tinted windows, or wheels that have been switched out for alloy ones. Not informing your insurance company could lead to any claims you make being rejected if something happens to your car.

Larger scale alterations might include suspension changes, air filters, complete body kits and exhaust system changes.

Different insurers have different stipulations about what constitutes a modification, so it’s important to check anything that isn’t factory standard with your firm.

When buying a used car, it is particularly important to make these checks, as modifications may have been made to your vehicle prior to you purchasing it and the changes might not be immediately visible.


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