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Track days make great Christmas gifts — but could cost you thousands if you don't have insurance

Eleanor Newis
Dec 6, 2018

A track day is an amazing experience, but go without proper insurance and it could cost you thousands.

For the adrenaline junkie in your life, a track day is a perfect Christmas present — the chance to drive a supercar without being pulled up short by speed limits is thrilling.

But don’t get caught out by inadequate insurance, as the driver risks spending thousands of pounds if they lose control or if someone else crashes into them.

Lots of these tracks days offer the opportunity of taking a supercar for a spin for as little as £40. But if you or the person you’re paying for does any damage to the car beyond ‘wear and tear’ then you or they might end up being liable for £5,000 of damages.

When drivers go for a track day, they are offered insurance before they start the session, which typically costs £20 - £40. But the catch is that they will still have to pay thousands in excess if they’re found to be negligent or reckless in an incident.

Driving recklessly is an easy mistake to make when people are driving at such high speeds, and are perhaps also inexperienced with such powerful vehicles.

You should also be aware that the driver is liable for any damage done to their car even if someone else crashes into them. Without proper insurance, the other driver won’t cover their repair costs.

There are also options for enthusiasts to take their own cars to a track day, and in many cases here insurers limit the cover they offer by the vehicle’s price — for example, £50,000. They also take the car’s age into account. You can check beforehand what cover the driver and vehicle in question are eligible for, but expect to be paying much more if you’re under the age of 30.

Lastly, you should know that drivers can also be judged liable for any damages done to the circuit itself. For instance, if you or someone else crashes into a barrier the insurer is likely to refuse any claim made.

Always read the fine print. There are some policies that have exclusions such as not covering cosmetic issues like paint scratches, or mechanical failure on the track.

It’s crucial when buying a track day for yourself or a loved one that you scope out insurance options before the big day. Make sure that you’ve bought the right policy and use a comparison site like A Spokesman Said to find companies that cover what you need.

Make sure to discuss with the insurer beforehand any issues such as modifications you’ve made to your car or other questions you might have.

By getting everything out in the open straight away, you can make the experience a fun one knowing you’re covered should anything go wrong.

Make the day an adrenaline rush and not an insurance nightmare, and you should give yourself or your thrill seeker friend a great experience.


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