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Revealed: Cars most likely to pass an MOT

ELeanor Newis
Jan 24, 2019

New MOT data has been released by the Department for Transport.

The new Department for Transport data has revealed the cars that are the most likely to pass an MOT test in the UK.

Not only that, but it also offers some indication of what the best day of the week is for taking your MOT, and the locations where the highest number of vehicles pass with flying colours.

Car brands with best first-time pass rates

  • Honda 93.8%
  • Porsche 93.2%
  • Subaru 92.8%
  • Lexus 92.6%
  • Toyota 91.5%

Car brands with worst first-time pass rates

  • Chrysler 80.1%
  • Chrevrolet 82.2%
  • Renault 82.5%
  • Citreon 84.4%
  • Alfa Romeo 84.9%

Across the UK, new cars are more likely to pass their MOT than older vehicles, as would be expected. Just under 90% of models between three and four years old will pass their MOT first time of taking the MOT.

The likelihood of passing an MOT first time decreases as a car gets older. This goes down to average pass rate of only 58.8% for cars by the time they are 17 years old.

What is the best day of the week to get your MOT?

If you want to pass your MOT, it’s best to find a test centre that allows you to get the test done on a Sunday — try to avoid Mondays.

Only 72% of cars tested on Mondays passed their tests, whilst 79% passed when the tests were taken on a Sunday.

The busiest months for MOTs are March and September, which are the two months of the year when new cars are usually purchased. This is due to the arrival of a new number of plate.

In contrast, the quietest month for MOT bookings is December, with people preparing for the festive season. Most MOT tests were carried out (in 2017) on 20th March, according to the Department for Transport.

Which UK locations have the best MOT pass rates?

The South East has the best rate for pass rates on MOTs. Over 84% of cars pass their MOT on the first time of taking it in the area. The region as a whole outperforms the rest of the UK by 14% at their MOT tests.

It’s not a coincidence that the postcodes in this area are also the ones with the lowest mileage.In addition, the stats show that Britons are progressively driving less  miles than in previous years.

The average mileage in 2016 was 7,250 miles and 7,334 miles in 2015, according to the official figures that have been released.

Mileage is one thing that can have an impact on MOT pass rates, and the analysis of this data shows that for three to five year old cars, those that have driven 7,000 miles or less each year have an average pass rate of 93%.

Those that have covered over 10,000 miles in 12 months passed just 84% of the time.

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