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Are you being ripped off by the RAC?

Patrick Christys
Jan 28, 2019

A major RAC racket may have just been exposed by A Spokesman Said.

It appears that the RAC quotes people astronomical sums of money for their recovery service renewal, gambling on the fact that many customers won’t ring up to query it, leaving many customers out of pocket.

Founder of A Spokesman Said, Kelvin Mackenzie, was quoted a price almost 40% higher than the previous year’s cover.

Mr Mackenzie contacted the RAC to question this, and was, amazingly, immediately given a sizeable discount and a £25 voucher - which can be used at Marks and Spencer’s, John Lewis, or Amazon.

The previous year’s policy, known as the Premier Rescue Package, was £130, but the RAC now wanted him to pay £177.98.

But, after some hardball negotiation, the RAC reduced the cost to £134 for 15 months’ cover, plus a £25 gift voucher.

After securing the significant discount, Mr Mackenzie said: “So, I’ve come on to you rather angry. You wanted £177.98. 

“I said that wasn’t acceptable and now after our negotiation the price is £134 and a £25 - so why on earth do you guys send out the renewal? Is it because 30% of ordinary people just renew and they don’t have this conversation do they?”

The operator, who is not responsible for RAC policy, told Mr Mackenzie that the policy was so much higher this year because they gave him a discount in the previous year’s quote and the computer, which generates the policy cost, isn’t programmed to factor that in.

In a nutshell, this means discounts aren’t carried over year-on-year and, unless the customer calls in to query their policy charge, they will face a needlessly high cost.

And this appears to be a common theme - According to money guru Martin Lewis, £87% of RAC customers who haggled on the price of their renewal successfully secured a discount. 

The operator also confirmed that customer details are not stored on file for longer than necessary and won’t be shared with any third parties.

Mr Mackenzie informed the operator that last year he was awarded the dubious honour of being the UK’s most hated person, which meant there would be consequences if this situation ever happened again.

Have you experienced the same kind of thing from RAC? If so, get in touch and let A Spokesman Said know.

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