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You're a careful driver, so why hasn't your insurance gone down?

Eleanor Newis
Feb 11, 2019

Many drivers have been complaining about the cost of their car insurance premiums — they see insurers making judgments that aren’t based on their careful driving.

The reason that your premium price might not match what you think your driving habits are is that insurers’ databases have become much more sophisticated over the years.

Now, motorists are judged on a lot of different aspects of their lives. Your profession, age, post code, martial status, type of home, and the time of year that you renew your insurance policy can all impact your costs.

The idea is that these pieces of information give insurance firms a better idea of what type of driver you are — and whether you’re likely to make a claim.

One way of getting around this is by having a black box installed in your car. This tracks the way that you drive and can help bring your premium down by informing your insurer that you’re a careful driver.

This is useful, especially for younger drivers, who are usually charged much higher premiums, because young people are statistically much more likely to be in accidents.

Whilst many don’t like the idea of always having a black box in their car, for the people facing massive premium hikes they can definitely be worth it. Most insurers do telematic policies, which come with black boxes, and you can find out which providers offer this and consider whether it’s right for you.

Overall, car insurance has been going down for the past few years in the UK. But some demographics such as older and younger motorists aren’t seeing the benefits of these industry-wide decreases in cost. In contrast, many older drivers have seen their car insurance prices go up and up.

You should make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money, whether you’re in one of these demographics or not. Use a price comparison site like A Spokesman Said to see all the policies available, and think about which one might suit your needs best.

It’s important to keep safe on the road with an adequate policy for you and your vehicle, but it’s also important that you find the right deal for you, and don’t get sucked into the price hikes based on other peoples’ data.

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