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Local councils make £1bn by hiking parking charges by 230%

Patrick Christys
Mar 11, 2019

Local councils: They don't take your bins out when it snows and they think nothing of leaving a pothole that Calcutta would be proud of to slowly suck your road into the centre of the earth...but they're red hot when it comes to parking charges.

That's right, councils are raking in £1bn from parking fees after hiking prices by a staggering 230%.

They've also raised the costs for parking permits because, you know, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

Local authorities made a surplus of £885million from parking in 2018/19 — and are expected to bust the £1billion barrier in 2020. Exeter, Brighton, Cambridge, Nottingham and Reading are all planning big increases.

But what's strange is there doesn't seem to be a massive increase in the quality of council services, does there?

Are the local buses running more frequently? Are there more mental health services for vulnerable people? What about the quality of local education? 

Hampshire is said to be increasing its residential parking charges by 230 per cent over the next two years.

Campaigners have criticised the rises and Tory MP Sir Greg Knight called it a “short-sighted strategy that doesn’t make any sense”.

And AA president Edmund King, who regularly appears on A Spokesman Said's affiliated radio station Love Sport Radio, said councils are just looking for 'new opportunities to catch drivers'.

Surely local authorities should also be increasing the number of available parking spaces?

Currently, motorists have to navigate a tricky one way system in a non-descript UK town, dodging potholes and occasionally cyclists as they go, and then keep circling the town centre like an untrained homing pigeon desperately looking for a space.

But then, when they finally find a vacant glimmer of tarmac, they end up paying through the nose for their spot.

Here are the most expensive places to park your car:

London – £3.90 per hour

Oxford – £3 per hour

Brighton & Hove – £2.55 per hour

Edinburgh – £2.20 per hour

Leeds – £2.05 per hour

Is it any wonder the high street is on its knees when people can't even afford to park up there, let alone shop?!

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