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LV= launches first bespoke car insurance for electric vehicles

Patrick Christys
Apr 2, 2019

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen.

The first bespoke insurance policy for electric cars has hit the market, as LV= takes the insurance game up a gear.

LV= has created a bespoke policy for electric cars that even includes cover for home charging cables and wall boxes, UK-wide recovery for customers who run out of charge, offering to give them a lift to the nearest charging point.

They have also teamed up with Zap-Map to privide an interactive map of the 20,000 public charging points across the UK, so, really, there's no excuse for getting caught short.

This is surely going to be the first of many such policies as an estimated 27% of drivers are expected to buy electric vehicles in the next five years - that equates to 8.6 million motorists.

LV= conducted its own research which showed that 58% of drivers are becoming eco-warriors and are looking at more environmentally friendly ways to get from A to B.

A further 47 per cent are also looking to save money on running costs. 


The LV= electric car insurance cover includes:

- UK-wide recovery for customers who run out of charge - to the nearest charging point

- An electric or hybrid car as a replacement hire for those committed to more environmentally-friendly vehicles

- Cover for home charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors

- Access to a network of specialist electric car repairers across the country 

Martin Milliner, claims director LV= general insurance, said: 'The motor industry is transforming at an incredible rate, with some of the most exciting developments being seen in the growing market for electric cars.

'Many car manufacturers have committed to making more electric cars and there's even speculation that James Bond will be driving one in the next film, so it's clear that these types of cars are growing in popularity.

'If we are to help make people feel more comfortable with the shift to electric vehicles over the next few years, then insurance must keep pace.

'Electric cars have very specific needs. Our new insurance addresses this and drivers can be confident of making the change to these cars of the future, knowing they have the right cover to protect them.'

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