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Drivers who park on pavements could face £70 fine

Patrick Christys
Apr 3, 2019

Motorists could soon find themselves facing a £70 fine for parking on pavements.

The days of fighting your way through the narrow one way streets of some non-descript market town north of the Watford gap, dodging badly parked cars could finally be over.

The roads are busy enough without some inconsiderate driver coming to a halt on the pavement and blocking the traffic.

And how difficult does it make it for people in mobility scooters, or pushing prams, when a Range Rover is straddling the kerb. They have to dive into the road to get past. It's dangerous.

But now the Transport Select Committee said it will examine the problems caused when vehicles are parked with at least one wheel on a pavement.

If new laws are implemented, they will allow local councils to make it illegal to park on the kerb – unless explicit permission has been granted.

Currently, outside of the capital it's only illegal for lorries to stop on pavements, but people who park in a dangerous position or cause an unnecessary obstruction to the road can still be fined.

Labour MP Lilian Greenwood, who chairs the committee, said: "This is an area where some people's actions cause real difficulties for others.

"Parking on pavements risks the safety of all groups of people from the littlest to the oldest, with differing needs.

"We want to hear from the public about the difficulties this presents and the solutions on offer."

The committee is calling for written evidence on the impact of pavement parking, the enforcement of existing rules and the need for new regulations.

Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, said: "There are instances, particularly on Britain's many narrow residential streets, where drivers believe they are doing the right thing by putting a wheel or two on the kerb so as not to impede road access for other vehicles and emergency services, while also making sure they leave enough space for people to use the pavement, especially wheelchair users and those with buggies.

"This inquiry should look carefully at how we can strike the right balance."

If you get a fine for accidentally drifting into a bus lane on a Sunday, it seems fair that you should get stung for parking on a pavement.

People who park on pavements aren't good drivers, and you need to make sure you're insured in case one of the inconsiderate pillocks pulls out at a crossroads without looking.

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