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New £50m fund to fix potholes

Patrick Christys
Apr 4, 2019

Potholes are the bane of motorists' existence. They turn a normal car journey into a miserable four hour wait for the AA.

But now the scourge of Britain's roads could be (almost) a thing of the past as councils are being given £200m to fix our highways.

It includes £50m specifically for potholes and additional flood measures, according to the Department for Transport.

Finally motorists can drive without the constant fear of suffering damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs and distorted wheels.

But, if Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has got anything to do with it then these funds will probably be released late and delivered to the wrong part of the country, so make sure your car is insured just in case!

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The £50m specifically for pothole repair comes from a larger £6.6billion pot the Government is providing over the six years to 2021 to improve local roads.

There's nothing more soul destroying than taking good care of your car only to shatter the chassis because the A-road you live on looks like the post-war road out of Berlin.

Martin Tett of the Local Government Association welcomed the extra funding but said more money would be needed.

He added: ‘Potholes are the scourge of all road users and this funding is good news to help councils repair them and pioneer innovative ways to stop them forming in the first place.

‘While innovation will help councils who are fixing a pothole every 17 seconds, funding challenges remain for local authorities to deal with long-term maintenance of their local roads and address a backlog of road repairs which has risen to nearly £10billion to provide better roads that are safer and more resilient to constant use.’

Edmund King, president of the AA motoring organisation, welcomed the extra cash, saying: ‘Recent increases in funding means that the country is beginning to find its way out of the road rut.

‘This £201million road repair fund and a milder winter presents an opportunity to begin to catch up on the backlog – but this funding needs to be sustained to make meaningful inroads to improve the condition of our highways.’

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Every motorist knows that potholes have been a problem in the last few years. That is why the Government is continuing to step up its funding to local authorities to address this.

‘It is now up to highways authorities to innovate and use new technologies to solve the problem.’

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