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Car insurance premiums set to drop thanks to crackdown on bogus whiplash claims

Patrick Christys
Apr 5, 2019

Big reforms to whiplash payouts that should slash the number of bogus insurance claims has brought premiums down by an average of £100.

It's the old classic car scam - someone gets a minor rear ending and they complain about whiplash in a desperate bid to coin it in.

There's even been the old 'cash for crash' scams where people remove their break lights, suddenly slam the breaks on on a motorway and wait for the unsuspecting driver behind to go through the back of them.

They then put in a massive insurance bid and also claim for whiplash.

But all this could now be a thing of the past as the Civil Liability Act, which passed in December, has finally trickled down into the insurance market and helped drive down premiums, if you'll excuse the terrible pun.


New research found that the average fall has been £65 over the past six years - £35 lower than the reduction this year.

However, the reduction in premiums over the past two months (of around £100) does not necessarily mean that drivers will see a significant reset of insurance costs in the coming months.

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Premiums have increased significantly over the past few years as a result of a number of Government changes such as hikes to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and changes to the Ogden personal discount rate.

As part of the Civil Liability Bill, the Government agreed to reform the way the rate used to calculate payouts in serious personal injury claims, otherwise known as the 'Ogden rate', is set.

It is expected that a review of the rate later this year could further reduce premiums, going some way to counteracting the punitive impact of IPT hikes.

An additional factor which may have reduced premiums is the recent decline in the number of car registrations which could indicate that car insurers were competing more heavily on price to keep winning customers in a shrinking market.

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