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Best and worst areas for car insurance revealed

Patrick Christys
May 3, 2019

Car insurance can be an absolute nightmare - it can often feel like unless you live on your own in the middle of a crime-free rural area with a double garage guarded by armed police officers 24/7, you're going to pay through the nose.

Obviously, it's essential to have car insurance. In fact, it's so essential it's a legal requirement. And for good reason...

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The only thing worse than having a crash is finding out that the boy racer who rear-ended you doesn't have insurance. 

But there are a few issues: If you're a good, careful driver, it can seem like you pay lot of money each year for a service you'll never need.

Young drivers are also often priced out of the market and literally can't afford to get on the roads.

But one of the biggest issues is 'The Three L's' - Location, location, location.

Drivers in London pay almost 50% more than the national average for car insurance.

Car insurance in the capital costs a staggering £1,102 annually, which is £366 higher than the UK average, the survey found.

Here are the most expensive areas for car insurance in the UK, and what motorists in those areas pay on average each year:

1 Greater London £1,102.86
2 North West £839.79
3 West Midlands £823.60
4 Yorkshire and The Humber £768.28
5 Northern Ireland £750.03

But it's not all bad right across the country. In fact, some areas have it pretty good.

The South West, which includes Bristol, Devon and Somerset, is the cheapest place for car insurance.  Drivers in the region pay £557.39 a year, which is nearly a quarter less than the national average and almost half what Londoners pay for car insurance. 


Here are the cheapest areas for car insurance:

1 South West £557.39
2 Scotland £581.24
3 Wales £637.34
4 South East £653.86
5 North East £673.32

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When did you last switch your car insurance provider?

Last year 65% of customers didn't switch their car insurance to try and get a better deal.