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Have YOUR driver details been sold?

Patrick Christys
May 17, 2019

Does it ever feel like you're living in Big Brother?

Not the TV show where a bunch of misfits and weirdos take it in turns to embarrass themselves in the diary room...

No, the book by George Orwell. 1984.

We're caught on camera hundreds of times a day, phones are hacked, bank details are nabbed by fraudsters and, it turns out, the number of driver details sold to private parking companies reached a new high last year.

The RAC Foundation found 6.8million sets of vehicle keeper records were released to parking management firms in 2018 to 2019, up a fifth from 5.65million a year earlier.

The figures from the DVLA, which looks after the records of more than 48million motorists, work out as 18,653 sets of records sold every day, or 13 every minute.

Shocking - 13 every minute?!

A recent Freedom of Information request revealed the DVLA made £16.3million in 2017 to 18 from selling details.

Parking companies can apply to the DVLA to request details for £2.50 a pop in order to charge them for 'breaching' contracts, which is how they then issue fines to motorists who have parked without a valid ticket. 


But, get this; Firms currently do not have to explain why they are asking for details and often issue tickets for minor infringements and use hardline tactics for dispute cases. 

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