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RIP-OFF: M6 toll rises by 5%

Patrick Christys
Jun 12, 2019

Why do we all just accept motorway tolls? Taxes pay for the road to be built, why do we have to pay to drive along it?

The Dartford Crossing is a particular mystery - the whole point of the bridge is that you can get over the vast expanse of water in between the two bits of land. Why are we paying to travel across it? People are literally paying to be able to get to work on time. Madness.

But it's just got even worse: The toll on the M6 is going to rise by 5%.

This is weird, because the last time I drove along the M6 it was gridlocked, one lane was open, there were speed cameras all the way (presumably an ironic gesture as nobody was actually travelling over 5mph) and at one point a massive pothole shattered my chassis.

But, alas, operators of the M6 toll road will increase charges for all motorists to use it from next month.

From midnight on Friday, 12th July, car drivers will need to pay £6.70 to use the motorway - an increase of 5%.

It's the second hike in a year following the decision in July last year to hike toll charges by 10%.

Radical thought, but if you're going to make me pay an extra 15% to drive along a road that takes me to The North, then why not make the road 15% better?

I want a show: circus acts, exotic wildlife, maybe even fireworks. Nope. All you get is congestion and misery. Perhaps the odd McDonalds at a service station.

The new prices were confirmed on Wednesday by operator Midlands Expressways Limited (MEL), less than a month before the higher charges will be introduced.

From 12 July, prices will rise between 10p and 30p for motorbikes and cars depending on the time of travel.

They will rise by between 10p and 50p for light goods vehicles and between 20p and 50p for heavy goods vehicles, says MEL. 

Announcing the pricing changes, Andy Cliffe, chief executive at MEL, said: 'The M6 toll has been alleviating huge volumes of traffic from the M6 and its surrounding roads for more than 15 years, providing a safer and more reliable route around the Midlands. 

'The M6 toll is significantly faster than alternative routes, making planning more accurate for businesses and individuals and boosting overall efficiency.

'We're committed to making our route stress-free and reliable for all, that's why we've put customer feedback at the heart of our new off-peak price bands and our recent product trials to cap prices and offer attractive savings to local and frequent users, ensuring we maximise the positive impact of the M6 toll across the Midlands and beyond.'

The sooner they invent teleportation, the better.


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