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Don't be a mindless motorist - make sure you're insured!

Patrick Christys
Jun 19, 2019

Don't be one of the thousands of motorists who get stung by cocking up their insurance.


There is an argument that anyone who doesn't know that their car needs to be insured for them to drive it on UK roads probably shouldn't be driving anyway.

They're probably the type of person who regularly leaves the house before realising they've forgotten to put their trousers on.

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Anyway, analysis of government figures by Kwik Fit found that more than 73,500 drivers in England and Wales were taken to court for keeping a vehicle which does not meet insurance requirements.

This is an increase of 78% over five years...which indicates that perhaps mental evolution has actually gone backwards.

Drivers caught flouting this offence will first revive a fixed penalty notice of £100.

On average fines for drivers going to court over the past year was £205. This means the fines for offences could have totalled around £12.4million over this period of time.

One of the main reasons for motorists receiving a fine for this offences is for failing to insure a car when it is off the road.

A vehicle must either be insured or registered with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). 

If the DVLA has no record of a SORN for a vehicle then it must be insured. This includes even if it is only used on private land, parked in a garage or undergoing long term repairs or restoration. 

Last year, 95,000 cases were brought against motorists for using a motor vehicle uninsured against third party risks – up 4% compared to 2013. 

For all the chat about women being awful drivers, it's actually men who account for almost two thirds (63%) of offences (105,861) compared to women who account for 18% (29,793) (the remaining 20% comprises companies or unknown).

Last year more than £52 million in fines were handed down to the 96 per cent of defendants who were ordered to pay fines as a result of insurance infringements. 

The average fine amount was £353, while nearly a third of fines (29%) resulted in a fine of more than £500. 

This is an increase of £20 million compared to five years ago.

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