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Would you buy an electric car?

Patrick Christys
Jun 19, 2019

Would you ever consider getting an electric car?

They're obviously better for the environment, but there seems to be something quite 'fake' about them - they almost don't seem like real cars.

There are few things more satisfying than turning on the ignition and hearing the purr of a hefty motor, but you just don't get that with electric cars.

You only get the silent satisfaction of knowing that you're not burning through fossil fuels and contributing to the slow death of our planet...

Electric cars used to only be driven by people who brag about going vegan, spend time hugging trees on the weekends and have 15 kaftans in their wardrobe. But not anymore!

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In London there's going to be a huge new rollout of charging points for electric cars due to the sheer volume of people buying them.

Currently, there are around 20,000 electric vehicles, 1,700 electric taxis and Europe’s largest electric bus fleet.

The new plan builds on TfL’s successful rollout of over 175 rapid charge points across the city (delivering a full charge in 20 - 30 minutes) and a growing network of over 1,100 lamp post charging points delivered by boroughs in residential areas.

Overall the plan looks to deliver 50,000 EV charge points to the city by 2025, with the vision of becoming a zero-emissions transport city by 2030.

Speaking at the launch of the London EV Infrastructure Delivery Plan at the Institution of Engineering and Technology today, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said: “London’s air is so dirty and polluted that it amounts to nothing less than a serious public health crisis. It breaches legal limits and blights the lives of Londoners, resulting in thousands of premature deaths every year.

“We are also facing a climate emergency that threatens the long-term security and wellbeing of every Londoner.

“We need to reject the fossil fuels of the past and embrace an electric revolution in London’s transport.

“To truly transform the quality of our air and to tackle the climate crisis London must move away from petrol and diesel cars, with their catastrophic impact on the environment, and towards zero- emission vehicles.

“I want London to lead the world in this ambition, with all new cars and vans on London roads to meeting these standards by 2030, not 2040 as the government is proposing.

“To make this vision a reality we must make sure all Londoners have access to the essential infrastructure required to run and maintain an electric vehicle. This is a massive operation and can only be achieved if the public and private sector come together to deliver London’s electric future.”

So, will you be jumping on the electric car bandwagon? Let us know by commenting below.


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