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Enterprise rent-a-car horror stories

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Sep 2, 2016

A Spokesman Said has been banging the drum on car hire scams for weeks now.

We’re fed up of hearing stories of honest customers getting turned over by mis-sold insurance or petrol refill rip offs.

Here are stories YOU sent in about multi-billion dollar American rental company Enterprise.

“Easier to get blood from a stone than a fair deal from Enterprise”

“My wife hired a car on the 9/8/16; we were offered the car at £73.30, VAT included, then charged the VAT on top.

“When we arrived to pick up the car we were offered the car with complete insurance cover with £1000 excess.

“To reduce the £1000 to £100 we are offered an insurance at £20 per day. £60 extra.

“I say no thank you, so they offer us the same insurance at £15 per day.

“I say no thank you, so they offer us it at £10 per day. My wife, easily lead, says OK.

“We take the car home and it sits on the driveway for 3 days as my wife's own car was repaired very quickly.

“We return the car with 31 miles extra on the clock and upon inspection, we are informed there is a chip on the wind screen.

“After much argument and hair pulling they take the £100 excess from our account to replace the windscreen. On the confirmation it says in the Roadside protection, glass chip or replacement will be waived.

“It may actually be easier to get blood from a stone than a fair unambiguous deal from Enterprise. Never again.

“I might add we are both pensioners.”

Bryan Webster, Worcester South

Enterprise demand £2,000 for a vehicle hired for one week

“I was involved in a non-fault accident and was advised by the insurance company to hire a vehicle from Enterprise while my vehicle was being repaired.

“All went well and my vehicle was repaired after 6 days. Some 6 months later I had a letter from the solicitors of Enterprise asking for assistance to get the money from the insurance company because they had not settled the hire costs. I agreed but I would phone the insurance company to ask why not?

“When I spoke to the insurance they said that they had not settled the claim because Enterprise had demanded £2,000!

“I phoned Enterprise to ask why they wanted £2,000, when to hire that vehicle for 7 days our local branch in Weston Super Mare only wanted £365 including VAT.

“Enterprise claimed that because they did not know how long I needed the vehicle it was classed as lease hire agreement.

“I informed that they should accept the generous offer by the insurance company of £900 and stop trying to rip them off and it was no wonder that our insurance premiums keep rising.”

Stan Dinotaro, Weston Super Mare

Enterprise rip off a 96-year-old man and his daughter

“I rented a van from these rip off merchants 12 months ago. I was relocating my 96-year-old father from Truro in Cornwall to be near me in Essex.

“He went to their office in Truro and rented a long wheelbase van. I went by train to Truro and on the morning designate we picked same van up the manager at Truro very nice chap. We examined the van and found no damage to speak of.

“I am 73 years of age myself so am very careful driving but quite competent.

“When I returned van to the Braintree branch the manager came to inspect with me.

“And then he proceeded to go over this van with a fine tooth comb finding the most spurious so called scratches.

“He then got down underneath the van saying the underside had been damaged, which later we discovered was part of the making of the van. Then he looked along this long body van from the side on both sides and decided that there were dents.

“As you can imagine I was very irate and told him so other customers were telling me I should have photographed it when picking it up.

“I told him I thought he had a scam going with a local garage and would get local press and picket the establishment. At this he said he would send photos to their head office. The next day I got a call from Truro office telling me that it was completely spurious and no extra monies would be charged to my card.

“It's definitely a scam. Well done for bringing it to notice.”

Bonny English, Essex

“Enterprise have been cheating customers for years”

“I rented a car from the Basingstoke branch over 10 years ago.

“On returning it in pristine condition, having washed and polished the body myself, I was quickly ushered inside whilst an assistant stayed outside explaining to me he was checking the car over.

“He would not let me accompany him for this check and never having rented a car before I thought this was normal procedure.

“He returned to the office a few minutes later and told me there was a scratch on the passenger side of the car.

“I was stunned as I knew the bodywork was in perfect condition.

“The other assistant asked me to accompany both of them to the car.

“I was shown a huge scratch along the passenger front and back doors! (where they thought I would have less chance of noticing!)

“They knew my job was in teaching as I had to state that on the paperwork. They tried to make out the children at my school had defaced the car. Funny that as I taught at an infant school where the children had no access to the staff car park!

“I was in shock and paid up- fool that I was!

“I will never use Enterprise again and have advised my friends and family to avoid that firm like the plague.”

Trish Chapman, Basingstoke

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