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Petrol car production set to be banned by 2035- How you might be effected

Peter Kelly
Feb 5, 2020

Boris Johnson plans to ban the production of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035, five years earlier than first expected. 

This move comes as an extension to a Government policy made in 2017, which would stop just petrol and diesel powered cars being produced by 2040.

Ahead of the UN's climate change summit COP 26, Boris Johnson has set out how the UK will try to take the lead in tackling climate change.

Boris tweeted that there was "no greater responsibility than protecting our planet".


Speaking at the launch of COP26 at London's Science Museum the Prime Minister stated: "I hope we can as a planet and as a community of nations get to net zero as I say within a decade."

"We're going to do it by 2050, we're setting the pace. I hope everybody will come with us.

"And lets make this year the moment when we come together with the courage and the technological ambition to solve man-made climate change and choose a cleaner and greener future for our children and grandchildren."

This desire to reduce climate change has led to the Conservative leader putting forward a pledge to ban the production of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035.

The only cars which will be able to be made if this pledge passes the necessary consultations and legislation, will be electric or hydrogen vehicles.


The call to end the production of such vehicles led to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' Chief Executive, Mike Hawes, criticising the move. 

"It's extremely concerning that government has seemingly moved the goalposts for consumers and industry on such a critical issue. 

"However, with current demand for this still expensive technology still just a fraction of sales, it's clear that accelerating an already very challenging ambition will take more than industry investment.

"A date without a plan will merely destroy value today."


How will it effect you?

The current plans, which will ban the production of just petrol and diesel cars and vans, does not stop anyone from driving such vehicles.

If Boris' pledge gains the necessary legislation and makes it into law, you will still be able to own and drive a petrol or diesel powered car or van but you will not be able to buy any new vehicle which requires such fuel. 


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