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payments taken without consent

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corrinne farrow


payments taken without consent

Complaint about The Money Shield

I applied to you for a loan answered all your questions and gave you my bank details about 8 weeks ago and since then my details have been passed to other companies by you and I have had 7-8 payments taken out of my bank account ranging from 1p to as much as 29.60. i have some of them refunded but yet again another one was taken on the 18.08.16 of £29.60. I wouldn't be applying to you if I wasn't already in financial trouble but this is awful and yes I know even as I'm writing this its all a waste of time and yes my own stupid stupid fault for thinking you were a company to trust. If anymore go out by some off the chart company after my bank has block them for me I will be seeking advice even if it costs me and talking to the press and anyone who will listen about the way your company has operated. Thank you very much for the awful way you work ......... I would be prosecuted if I tried this

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