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Terrible service



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Chris Kissane


Terrible service

Complaint about RIGHTIO

All they are interested in is getting the first hours payment, up front, after which they offer a very bad service, and no refunds. They are economical with the truth over the phone, and then subsequently tell different stories in writing. The plumber was late, didn’t tell the truth, wasn’t based in Watford, took some photos I had already offered to send, and left. The ordering of commonly available parts was ludicrous, when they can be obtained off the shelf almost anywhere, and the communication terrible, and I ended up sat around all day waiting for him to return. He didn’t. I phoned the office, and they were useless too. They seemed to think it was fine to leave the customer sat on his bum all day doing nothing. I have emailed their ‘customer excellence team’, who take 8 working days to reply to the first email, and then never reply to a follow up email, 10 days and counting. They are also useless. The business plan appears to be to take the first hours money, and then run off with it as fast as you can. There are a lot of very poor reviews of Rightio, most similar to mine. They would be easy to fix, and that is the true mark of a good company, how to deal with and fix customer complaints. They don’t give a monkeys. They will now reply with one of their stock cut and paste answers, saying how sorry they are that they offer such a poor service. Yeah, right. Avoid, and find a proper company, who provide a proper service to the customer.

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