The renewed membership after medical evidence was submitted - Complaint about Xercise4Less - A Spokesman Said

The renewed membership after medical evidence was submitted

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The renewed membership after medical evidence was submitted

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I am a 36 year old single parent, and I had a delayed second stage in labour in 2007. I was diagnosed with both prolapse of the bladder and bowel in 2014 which was 6 months in to my 12 month contract with Xercise4 Less. I spoke to the receptionist and she agreed to freeze my contract for the next 6 months and made a phone call to head office to confirm this and cancel the membership there after as my 12 months would have lapsed by then anyway. Everything went quiet and then 7 months or so down the line Credit Resolution Services sent a letter out to ask me to clarify what the problem was and why my membership had been suspended as they had "no proof" of this. To cut a long story short and in a battle of email, phone calls and written letters to C.R.S, they say I am liable for £202 which has accumulated from membership fees. They say I never requested to cancel my membership and that they have automatically renewed it for another 12 months, even though they have received medical evidence to support that i have a terminal problem that requires surgery. I have already had treatment for cells removing on the neck of my womb, as they found these when i initially got diagnosed with the double prolapse of both my bladder and bowel. All of this medical evidence just seems to be getting over looked and they are more focused on collecting debt and sending out threatening letters out to take assets from my home to settle the amount of £202. My friend took out a membership a month after me so we could go together to the gym and enjoy the classes and funnily enough she hasn't received one letter to say that her membership has been renewed or asking for any monies to be paid as they are outstanding. I'm baffled as to why someone who has gone about things the correct way is getting badgered for money, and my friend who has just stopped going and not informed them of anything, has just been obviously deleted off the system..

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