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Unbelievably rude!

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Lauren Harvey


Unbelievably rude!

Complaint about Amelia Rose Boutique

I cannot begin to describe how unprofessional this company is. I ordered my dress on the 20th July, I was told it would be delivery within 10-14 days. This time past so I contacted them via Facebook and was told it would be delivered on Friday 12th August but again there was no sign of it. After messaging them again via Facebook messenger I was then told the reason it hadn't been delivered was due to the fact Amelia Rose Boutique had gone 'out of business' on the 22nd July and was taken over by another owner and renamed themselves as Rebellious Rose. Surely they must have been aware of this when I placed my order on the 20th July? My complaint was then completely ignored on Facebook so I sent a tweet about the service and had an instant response. I was told to direct message them instead, to which I did and was told my dress would be delivered on Friday 19th or Saturday 20th August. I ordered this dress purposely a month in advance to ensure I had it delivered by Saturday 20th August as I had a special event to attend, so I asked them to change the address and send it to the hotel I was staying at in Newcastle. They agreed and said no problem! Saturday 20th I received a call from my mum to say the dress had arrived at my home in Kent. I contacted the company once again very frustrated and they said the address wouldn't have been changed as it states in their T&C's but why was I told it would be changed?! I decided to get some advice from an Onbudsman as the language and attitude used when complaining to the company was horrendous, I asked for the member of staffs name to refer to the complaint and received a message back saying- "well I won't be telling you my name." I then sent a message back explaining I have every right to know who I have been dealing with in regards to this issue and find their customer service extremely rude to which I received a reply- "Am rude? Really? I have bent over backwards for you and tried my best to sort this out for you so am sorry you feel that way. Just because I won't disclose any private details doesn't give you grounds to say it's un-organised. This is a small run business with just a few of us. Your dress has been delivered so we have no reason to continue this conversation. Thank you".... I have never been spoken to so rudely and dealt with a company, whereby staff have such an appalling attitude towards their customers that have purchased items of them. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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