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I give up.

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Alexander Fitton


I give up.

Complaint about Virgin Media

In very short detail, I had purchased a 24 month internet only contract with Virgin media at 100Mbs at a cost of £33.25 per month, throughout the first 12 months I was lucky to be getting 2Mbps of connection speed 24 hours a day, this was not being caused by traffic management, virgin admitted several times they’re lines in the area were not up to scratch and advised ‘everyone’ was getting this speed. Begs the question why are they still selling something they cannot uphold? After about 6 months of contestant complaints and talking to snotty ‘engineers’ that clearly have no clue about IT, one of them finally advised they would up my speed to 200Mb. On this phone call there was no mention of ‘contract’ and no further payment was discussed at all, he upped the limited and told me to ring back tomorrow and let him know everything was OK, this was done, and the speeds were by no means perfect and were coming in at around 50Mbps. Low and behold a week later I get a new contract from Virgin Media along with my bill which had been upped to £45.XX, of course I called and complained and was advised I could not do anything due to the fact I was in a new contract. This issue took nearly 3 months of constant phone calls with people that just don’t seem to understand very basic contract low i.e. you have to agree to a contract to be in one. 3 months or arguments and silliness passes, and eventually I get someone on the phone who does understand, she apologised and spent about 2 hours on the phone with me sorting everything out, she advised the bill would have been zero’d out and we would be starting from square one on a new contract (that I would agree to) at the rate the not agreed upon contract should have been (the same as my old internet with issues) £33.25. A few days pass, I check online and can see no discounts have been applied and I was being billed the same amount. In-between all of these phone calls I must have spoken to 10 people who were just disrespectful and rude on the telephone thus making the situation worse and 10 times harder to deal with. Over the last 9 months or so, VM have still not managed to bill me the correct amount once. I had been paying my bill at the agreed upon rate and suddenly my internet gets cut off, I logged in to see what was going on and suddenly again I had managed to get £1XX.XX in debt, again I kicked up a fuss and they ‘sorted’ the problem out. Again more recently the same thing has happened, when going back over the very little information virgin media have been providing me in terms of billing I managed to ascertain they were still billing me an amount in excess of the agreed upon bill amount. Again I spoke to someone earlier in the week and she looked into all of the account and advised she could see what the issue was and she corrected it, by this point I was one month behind on my bill as I had finally refused to pay it on the basis that they can’t seem to bill me the correct amount and essentially I am fuelling the vicious cycle caused by their incompetent customer service and inefficient processes. I had agreed with the lady on the phone that the reminding balance of 6X.XX would be paid in full on pay day (25/08/2016) and as far I was concerned the issue was resolved. Again today, my internet is cut off, I called VM to get this resolved advising of the whoooolle issue (again) and they said they could not re-activate the internet unless I paid a charge of £10.79 (after about a year and a half of completely messing me about) , raised another complaint… Any help would be much appreciated, I have all of the phone calls recorded.

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