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Nadia Mankouri


Avoid This Company!

Complaint about 321 Travel

After a long winded month of this company mucking up our whole holiday we are still awaiting a full refund. We accept that low cost beds going bust wasn't Their fault - however the shoddy customer service we recieved afterwards was. When the company went bust, we never even got as much as a phone call to let us know, but an email outlining that our whole holiday had been changed (to a German speaking only hotel may I add). After speaking with citizens advice they assured me that I had the right to refuse alternative accommodation and demand a refund. The company has sent me half my refund and said the rest has gone towards, and I quote 'commission and admin fees' - there was no admin costs as we didn't use their holiday and to be honest I'm not happy to pay the advisor (who also raised her voice at me down the phone) commission. Since then the company have ignored me, removed every bad review I have put up and accused me of 'fabricating' the truth - there is no smoke without fire, I really have better things to do than run round putting bad reviews about companies - the only reason I have is because I am so disgusted and don't want anyone else to fall into their trap. They also now ignore my emails and have blocked me on Twitter. Enjoy my money, you obviously need it a lot more - meanwhile I'm off to book another holiday through travel republic who are fab! Good luck 321 Travel, you'll need it once I've spread the word :)

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Nadia Mankouri | 01/09/2016 09:36

Firstly - the 'lead passenger' is my partner and I can assure you he is NOT happy about the refund. Secondly - I really have better things to do with my time than write bad reviews for no reason, our politeness ended when you avoided responsibility and tried to flip this round and make it look like our fault. Maybe next time try apologising and showing a bit of empathy?

Nadia Mankouri | 01/09/2016 09:38

Also - thank you for bringing it to my attention that I had forgot to post my positive review for travel Republic - I have now done so! :)

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