Post code lottery for poor or good health care - Complaint about NHS - A Spokesman Said

Post code lottery for poor or good health care

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Deborah Montagner


Post code lottery for poor or good health care

Complaint about NHS

My mother has been diagnosed with end stage myeloma is being sent from pillar to post thanks to the appalling health care system in place in the Queen Elisabeth hospital in Woolwich!!! She was diagnosed with cancer over 18 months ago and is still not being referred to the palliative care in the community services as they are stating it is something they do at a later stage!!!! When could that possibly be seeing she is 81 and realistically not looking at another 5 to 10 years to live!!! Both my parents are elderly and need to be cared for with the help of social services which my mother has been means assessed for but now Bexley council is dragging their feet saying that my 79 year old father should be taking full care of my mother on his own with just a small input once a day from a social worker!!!! They have paid their dues all their life and this is the treatment they are getting from the authorities who should be looking out for elderly people welfare!!!! It has and still is a constant battle every day with the establishment and I can see no favourable outcome!!! This morning the cherry on top was the call from the hospital informing me of my mother's discharge tomorrow!!!!!! Not even 24 hours notice and no social package in place unbelievable, it was only through me threatening legal action that it has now been suspended until a further date but still an uphill struggle with them. My mother is lucky I am fighting tooth and nail for her, as I dread to think of the poor souls who have no one! No well I see them in the same ward everyday being treated like rubbish by surly nursing staff that would be better suited working down at the local docs!!!

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