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Direct debit for care cover

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Direct debit for care cover

Complaint about Currys PC World

By chance yesterday I was alerted to a DD payment of £16 each month to Currys. The amount meant nothing to me so I asked the bank if they had detail, only the reference number and an old phone number for Currys that no longer worked. I called Currys customer service waited in a que, first assistant couldn't help put through to someone else ( all the time being charged for the call !!) . Assistant I spoke with asked me what the amount was and I could tell even he thought it was a strange amount. He came back to me suggesting it was 2(!) DD's added together !! One for £9 for cover on my Mac book which I recognise as being legitimate, the other £7 for cover on an iPad. The iPad I was baffled by, firstly because I'd asked at the time of purchasing if I could have cover on the iPad and they said no, this resulted in me buying only one, I was intending to buy one for my daughter but being told I couldn't have cover decided it was a bad idea. So I asked why they the DD's were taken as one payment, he blamed my bank, I asked for copies of the mandates, he said they don't have them any more and to get them from my bank. I asked for proof that if set up 2 DD's again he told me to contact my bank. I wasn't happy and asked him for everything in writing. I also asked for the cover on the iPad to be cancelled immediately because I'd had it replaced earlier this year after breaking it myself, I wouldn't have done that if there had been cover on the product that I'd purchased. I contacted the bank straight away to ask why they had rolled two DD's into one and for copies of the mandates. Banks states Currys retain all the documents and that they the bank have no powers to combine DD's or to amend the payment, that ability is on Currys side. Currys have been taking this payment since April 2014, I'm now going through all my bank statements in an attempt to see what's gone on. I'm very annoyed that Currys claim they have no documentation at all for this !!

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KNOWHOW TOHELP | 25/08/2016 10:16 | VERIFIED

Hi Vicky, I am sorry to learn of the comments you have raised in connection with a Direct Debit for two Service Agreements. In order for me to look into this matter in greater detail, please email me further information to [email protected] Please include your Direct Debit reference number, full name and address - Shaun

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