Trying to port my old number for 2 months - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

Trying to port my old number for 2 months

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Jeanne Neil-Boss


Trying to port my old number for 2 months

Complaint about Vodafone

I have been with vodafone for over 2 years. My husband and I found a good deal on the new Samsung S7 edge phone and cancelled our old sim only contracts. We then opened the new accounts. We were told that in order to keep our old numbers we would have to transfer them to a pay as you go account and then after a month, transfer that number to the new account. After a month had lapsed we rang Vodafone to port the old numbers to the new phone. My husband's number was ported twenty minutes after his second phone call to the company. Over the last month, I have made 5 calls to the company and been told each time that they have escalated the issue and that my number will be ported within 24 hours. On my fourth call I finally managed to speak to a manager. I was about to board a plane to the US and wanted to be able to use my phone there. She put the phone down on me as I was explaining that I did not have another 24 hours to wait for the number to port. I was not able to use my phone while on holiday and as my old number is now out of use, I am still not able to be reached by my contacts. I returned yesterday from America, and my number has still not been ported. After a lengthy conversation this morning with Vodafone and many refusals to allow me to speak to a manager, I was eventually promised that someone would ring me back today but they would not give me a time. They have also said it will take another 24 hours for my number to be ported. I have paid 2 months of my new contract without being able to use my phone. Each time I have been on the phone with Vodafone has taken over an hour, most of that waiting time with operators repeating the same things to me ie that there is a technical issue, that I can't speak to a manager because they are 'on the phone' and that it will take 24 hours to go through. On the website it says to ask to speak to a manager before going through an official complaints process but access to managers is nigh impossible. I am at my wits end. I should probably cancel my contract but doubt that this would be easy.

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Phil Wilson | 20/01/2017 14:01 | VERIFIED

Hi Jeanne. We hope that this has now been sorted in the time of our reply. If not, please email our team here: so we can take a look into this for you. Thanks, Cailen

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