Tesco Express trolleys 26/08/16 Time 10.04 - Complaint about Tesco - A Spokesman Said

Tesco Express trolleys 26/08/16 Time 10.04

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Patricia Huggins


Tesco Express trolleys 26/08/16 Time 10.04

Complaint about Tesco

On arriving I chose the smallest trolley because of my disability.when tried pushing being already committed it had Troublesome wheels. I asked at the counter near door and was told there were only two. After struggling round the small shop, finally at checkout , I was exhausted and told the cashier that trolley needed reporting. The response was " it's not ours" that response didn't,t help my pain.I pointed out it bore Tesco logo on handle. I have a neurological / back problem hence I need a trolley, preferably one that is in a good useable condition. The staff were unhelpful and oblivious to my distress. There was only one other small trolley inside shop being used. I have visited this store whilst visiting the Doctors near by. There are always a row of trolleys outside, this time only one large one. Normally call for small shop as I have an Tesco card. And shop large shopping on line.

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