lied to repeatedly, offered service as compensation then refuse to do free service offered. - Complaint about Halfords Autocentres - A Spokesman Said

lied to repeatedly, offered service as compensation then refuse to do free service offered.

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Matthew Bakewell


lied to repeatedly, offered service as compensation then refuse to do free service offered.

Complaint about Halfords Autocentres

This complaint all relates to Halfords Autocentre, Ringwood Road, Poole, Dorset My car was put in to you originally for a replacement clutch and rear electronic handbrake module. I put it in to Halfords as my car was covered by a customer protect wear and tear warranty and you are their recommended repairers. I was originally told my car would take 1 day to complete, I called at the end of the day (around 17.00) to see if my car was ready as I had not heard from your auto centre. To My alarm I was told that they had not had a chance to look at my car that day and asked if I could bring it back 2 days later so that they could complete the work then. I returned my car 2 days later as requested and again called at 17.00 to see if the car was ready. unbelievably I was again told that they had not got around to looking at my car, let alone fixing it. I was asked to bring the car back again the following week when they assured me that they would carry out the necessary work. At this point I was starting to worry as I am sure you are aware that all work must be addressed within 14 days of a problem being reported to customer protect. I returned my car to Halfords on the following Monday. The started the work on the clutch and handbrake module however I was told that they do not have the equipment to programme the handbrake module to the car and that they would have to take it to be programmed at a main dealer. I was not aware that this was going to be so much of a problem until later that day I was called and told that my car had been dropped to Eden Vauxhall and it was booked in to be done on THURSDAY! bearing in mind I was originally told it was a 1 day job. I eventually got my car back late on Thursday afternoon and was given a free service and MOT to the value of £204 on my next Visit. this all happened during a 2 week period in the middle of May. On The 9th June 2016 My car developed an issue with the started motor and had a knocking noise coming from the front axle. I again reported the issue with customer Protect and took my car to Halfords auto centre. after a couple of hours I received a call from Tyronne, the manager stating that the warranty company had not authorised the work and that he could find no problem with the front axles. I took my car to formula 1 auto centres who found that the track rod ends were totally worn and even showed me the problem. They replaced them there and then for the total cost of £121.and as if by magic the knocking stopped. On Friday of last week I went to Halfords auto centre at Ringwood Rd in Poole to book my car in for it COMPLIMENTRY service and told to bring my car in on Monday morning first thing. Monday arrived and I took my car to Halfords to be told by Tyronne that "he doesn't do free services" and that "I don't understand why you were given a free service anyway" Well theres customer service for you. another day off work unpaid for no reason. I asked him to call his area manager as he was the one who authorised it in the first place and Tyronne told me to "jog on". I immediately returned home and lodged a complaint with Halfords head office and was promised a call back within 24-48 hours, to this day I have not had a single call back. I have been calling daily for an update and promised a call back but nobody ever calls me. Also I have called customer Protect and they inform me that Halfords never called about the starter motor and therefor the never turned the claim down and they also said that there is no reason that they would turn the claim down. I have now had the starter motor fixed, again at my own expense.

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