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Hotpoint rubbish replacement deal.

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Hotpoint rubbish replacement deal.

Complaint about Hotpoint

I emailed hotpoint and said that it was unreasonable that they expected me to pay toward a replacement dryer or wait for a very long time to have my dryer repaired when I shouldn't have that worry or responsibility in the first place, because they are at fault. They phoned me a week or so later but the conversation didn't get me anywhere because the young man was so indifferent to the situation, basically he couldn't care less. He told me that I wasn't paying for the replacement it was more about paying to get it delivered, I said 'and yet I could pick one up and still have to pay'. He answered that the extra payment was due to having had to change the faulty parts in the machines (so technically once a machine has been made up and then it's altered isn't that then reconditioned?) so I asked if these dryers were reconditioned the man on the phone told me that the machines were 'brand new'. So why do I feel uncomfortable about getting one? I certainly don't want my old one anymore, which I'm afraid to use. I also asked about the fact that when I get a new one will I be able to use it over night, as I had with my old one, due to it being cheaper to run. He said 'we do not recommend use over night'. Funny though because the first dryer I clicked on specifically says that you can. In fact 4 out of the 5 condensers on offer have a time delay button which clearly states: Start Delay Set to dry overnight to take advantage of cheaper electricity. (nb. this is copied and pasted from the website) I actually explained that I'd seen this on the website and the man told me I was mistaken. If you want your new dryer fast there are only two dryers offered for pick up, I prefer a condenser so it would be the TDWSF83BEZ (£49) which has recieved more bad reviews than good on amazon, which was the only place I could actually find reviews for it. Another mention was on where it said that it was discontinued. Hmm... That'll be us being offered the old crap then? The one I chose, TCFS83BGK (£99), is the only one with consistently decent reviews but is always 'back in stock soon' which is frustrating when I want a replacement now, rather than wait with a dangerous one in my house. When I spoke to some other 'couldn't give a damn' person on chat complaining that it was never in stock they told me that I'm just unlucky. That it comes into stock every so often and stays for 6-7 hours a day for around 3 days at a time. Oh well, I'll just sit with my finger paused over the buy button on my computer all day everyday then should I? I absolutely do not believe that we should have to pay for anything by that I mean with money or with stress which is what it seems a great many of us are doing. Hotpoint, I don't use my dryer because you told me its dangerous. It doesn't matter whether I'm at home, that just means I might catch the fire earlier, it still doesn't take away from it being dangerous and you should not expect anyone with half a brain to carry on as normal in a dangerous situation. Your lack of integrity and honour in this case has been noted and because of it I believe your credibility will come in to question before any of your previously loyal customers will buy from you again and indeed perhaps new customers too.

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