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Body-shamed in public off sales assistant

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Body-shamed in public off sales assistant

Complaint about Obey Your Body

I have just been on my way to a flight in ... Airport where one of the sales assistants staff basically body-shamed me in public! I am absolutely disgusted. He called out after me that he could give me something for my eyes as he pointed to the circles around his own eyes. The airport was very busy and numerous people looked over at me and a few women shook their heads at him, one even approached me to say that his sales technique was extremely rude! In this day and age where body-shaming is frowned on you would think a large company such as yours would take their time to properly train their staff. I will be making a complaint to the airport and also seeking further advise. This is appalling behaviour from your staff and nobody should not be publicly degraded just so a (male) staff member can get a sale from making a woman feel insecure! Disgusted!!

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Stephanie McLeod | 31/08/2016 08:22 | VERIFIED

-to influence and improve our retailer’s code of conduct and they representation of our products, needless to say – any misbehavior on their part reflects badly on our brand. We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with the exact location of this incident we would address this issue with the retailer and demand an immediate disciplinary action. We are deeply sorry to hear about -

Stephanie McLeod | 31/08/2016 08:22 | VERIFIED

-incident and please accept our apology. Sincerely, Stephanie, ObeyYourBody Customer Service

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