Samsung selling a TV advertised as "Future Ready" HU Series of TVs mis-sold ? - Complaint about Samsung - A Spokesman Said

Samsung selling a TV advertised as "Future Ready" HU Series of TVs mis-sold ?

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Duncan Wardle


Samsung selling a TV advertised as "Future Ready" HU Series of TVs mis-sold ?

Complaint about Samsung

Back in September of 2014 Samsung released its HU range of TVS. This was a time when 4k was just getting established and these TVs were said to be the NEXT BIG THING At the time I was in the market for a new TV and having read numerous reviews, specifications and release notes decided that the then flagship set the HU8500 would be the TV I would get At the time the price for the cost to me of the 55" model was around 2800 pounds. Not a small sum Now the BIG reason I went with this set is Samsung advertised it as "FUTURE READY" and the following is taken from Samsungs own listing of features for the TV. " TV technology is always evolving and do does Samsung TV. With UHD Evolution Kit, your Samsung UHD TV can be updated to be compatible with future UHD standards without buying a new TV" So I felt safe that Samsung would be true to their word and but £2800 would not be wasted. I felt assured that should standards change or be introduced I would be safe. I would be able to use these standards. This is where the problem starts (1) Since the launch of the TV part of the agreed standards for 4K / UHD Blu-Ray is something called High Dynamic Range or HDR. It's a big thing in the home entertainment world and can really improve the picture of a film. The Samsung HU range of TVs however can not do HDR despite what Samsung said about my TV being compatible with future UHD standards ! (2) Samsung promised the "Evolution Kit" - a device which could add features to the TV. This was said to be an ongoing development, however Samsung released just one of these kits the SEK 3500. This kit was so limited in its availability that its NEVER been made available to people in the UK from UK dealers (so stores who sold the sets, such as Richer Sounds, John Lewis etc never ever had them) - the kits were available only via Grey import at a hugely inflated cost (some owners did manage to get them for £200 but most have been charged TWICE that" (3) A lot of users are now having issues with this Evolution Kit finding that it's not compatible with devices such as Sky Q and has even developed a fault where the device would just restart at frequent intervals making the TV unwatchable. Samsung have been next to useless here and have even stated publicly on Twitter they will offer no support to anyone who purchased outside of the UK (remember this was a box that was never available to be purchased in the UK and which people believed would add new UHD standards to their TV!) (4) The SEK 3500 does not add true HDR to the HU range of TVs. As such the sets are not, as Samsung said they would be, "Future Ready" and are not compatible with future UHD standards As you can see its all a bit of a mess and one which Samsung are ignoring. Samsung had the best part of £3000 off myself and many offer people based around this "Future Proof" promise. As it is I can not make use of these new standards. Now I have to add I and other users are not naive enough to expect that this set would remain "flagship" for 4 + years and that yes it would be limited by the actual panel, but I did expect Samsung not to lie about its Future Ready claim and I did expect that support would last a little longer than 18 months. I also expected that these advertised evolution kits would be available to the UK and that I would be able to use HDR As it is I and many offers are stuck with a TV which does not live up to its promise There is a big online community regards this issue and more can be found at these locations

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Duncan Wardle | 07/09/2016 18:37

email from Samsung . Our specialists have advised that while the compatible evolution kit was not directly available within the UK, this was able to be purchased and indeed has been by a number of UK customers. As the article you have linked to mentions, since the launch of this unit the agreed standards include HDR.

Duncan Wardle | 07/09/2016 18:37

The television is capable of displaying UHD and 4k content, and as before the HU8500 has one HDMI port which has HDCP 2.2 compatibility, meaning this can be used for connecting UHD devices. The evolution kit gives this capability to all 4 HDMI ports.

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Duncan Wardle | 07/09/2016 18:39

Response revived via email from Samsung. Obviously that the TV is operating and not faulty has never been an issue. My issue is, as always, that the main reason I purchased the set was the promise of it being future ready and just two years (and £2800) later I have a TV which is not able to fully produce the new standards of HDR that Samsung promised

Duncan Wardle | 07/09/2016 18:41

Samsung stated in all sails materials (including info given pre launch at the Gadget Show) that the tv was future ready and will be compatible with future standards. Yet in email today they seem to neglect this and state that these standards where agreed on after the tv came out. I'm aware of this and aware that this does not reflect their future proof promise

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