Banned from VIrgin media for having a friendly dog and a mental health condition - Complaint about Virgin Media - A Spokesman Said

Banned from VIrgin media for having a friendly dog and a mental health condition

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Ejay Thomas-Nazim


Banned from VIrgin media for having a friendly dog and a mental health condition

Complaint about Virgin Media

A technician was booked to visit my property to fit a new box as I've had many issues with the boxes id had sent out previously. He phoned to say he was outside. I was stood by my front door at the time and heard nothing so I asked why didn't u just knock. He scolded at me that he did knock and he was ringing my doorbell. He sounded annoyed at me. I don't even have a doorbell so I don't know why I checked but I still checked my door and he obviously wasn't there. I asked him where he was again and he pretty much shouted that he was outside.i asked the name of the flats and he told me a name of flats that aren't even in the same postcode. When I told him that he got even more stressed and told me he would find me soon. 20 minutes later he arrived with attitude. I opened my door and he just pointed to my beware the dog sign. I told him the dog is fine and friendly (which she is super friendly and placid) he came in. Then my dog howled (I have a husky, that's what they do). He looked at me as if to say, do something about this. I just said to him to go to the front room and that the dog wouldn't bother him (I have a baby gate that keeps her out of there). He replied f**k that in front of my children (all under 5) and left my house. I obviously called to complain. The advisor was very apologetic and promised that someone who isn't scared of dogs would be out in the next couple of days. The next day I received a call from the CEO office at virgin telling me that my services were being cut off as my dog was a health and safety risk. Apparently my dog had jumped up in the tecnicians face and tried to attack. That's what the technician had reported anyway. The person who called was very dismissive, wouldn't listen to me, told me that the decision was final and that I couldn't complain. I took to Twitter and complained at that point that no investigation took place, and I was being victimised because the technician has a problem with me. I tagged Tom Mockridge Virgin media and Richard Branson along with watchdog and a couple other new outlets. I also wrote an email directly to Tom Mockridge to explain it all. Then a day later I get a call from virgin saying that the area manager wanted to come investigate (even though the decision had apparently already been made and finalised). I welcomed the manager to my home and he came and saw for himself that my dog wasn't dangerous in the slightest. He also agreed that the technician overreacted although he did say he can't help being afraid of dogs which I understand but still think it's unfair that a decision can be made before an investigation takes place. Anyway, he left my house apologising for the trouble and that he would send the email into CEOs office and explain that the dog was in fact fine and not a danger. Half an hour later I received a call from the same dismissive person from the CEOs office saying that nothing had changed and that I was still being cut off. When I asked why, he said your dog. When I reminded him that his investigating manager agrees that the dog isn't an issue plus I've offered to take the dog out of the house in future to save problems. He said well then we are banning you because we have a bad working relationship with you (me). I asked for any instances of me being rude, aggressive or abusive. He couldn't give me an example or instance except for the time when the virgin technician (who lied about the dog and swore in front of my kids) came to my house. I barely even said a word to the guy when he got to my house. It was his attitude that was the problem. His final answer was that I am apparently loud talking and impolite. I didn't actually realise this was a requirement to get Virgin services. I explained that I am being treated for a mental health condition (PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression) but he didn't care. He was just saying anything he could to justify what they have done and not backtrack. He also mentioned the fact that I've been posting on Twitter and he said he is sure my small following is upset too but his decision was still final. I believe this to be bullying, discrimination and a poor attempt to cover up for their rude and goon-like staff. This was virgins way of retaliating when I complained, named and shamed on Twitter and proved them wrong.

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