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Dyson DC75 Design Flaw

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Janitta Gregory


Dyson DC75 Design Flaw

Complaint about Dyson

I bought a Dyson DC75 animal last year, I have been in touch with Dyson support twice in the last few months for the issues I am experiencing, it seems, looking on amazon's reviews that a lot of people are having the same issue which only added to the fact I feel there is a major design flaw with this model. The model is their most expensive top of the range model, i was expecting it to last a very long time. It has the ball which is meant to make manoeuvring the vacuum easier, as it did on my older model (DC41), this is not the case. In my experience, the handle is far too flimsy for the weight of the product, the red handle frequently pops out of the holder whilst using it, resulting in quite a few devils pinches when using the vacuum, not sure how this passed the safety checks. This happens whenever you try to manoeuvre the vacuum around furniture, in particular, when trying to manoeuvre the vacuum around coffee tables or beds at a 90 degree angle. In order to do this, you have to use two hands, one on the handle and one on the bin handle, doing this prevents the red hose from popping out of the handle, again, because I think the handle is too flimsy for the model. I have been in touch with Dyson twice about this, once they sent all the parts required to replace the handle, this included the hose, and the 2 parts that make up the handle, this didn't work and the first time I used it after replacing the parts the red hose again popped out of the handle. Unhappy I got in touch with Dyson again, at this time, they said they had not had any reports of this issue on this particular model so on this occasion an engineer visited, he advised I should never use the vacuum on any setting less than the minimum suction, there is a slider on the front of the device that allows you to increase this to get a better clean. He also told me the problem with the handle popping out is down to the way I use the vacuum, apparently it's not designed to be manoeuvred easily on the ball, as with previous models, he told me that the handle could bend out of shape if you attempt to push it round using the ball technology to turn it around furniture. Overall I am extremely disappointed with this model of Dyson, all my previous models have been great, I don't believe the handle is designed to cope with the weight of the product and this results in bending. I have noticed, despite being sent the new parts, that this is happening more and more often, resulting in the pipe popping out of the handle several times when I use the vacuum, it is also getting more and more difficult to pop it back in, the end result is the time to clean the house is increasing. If the vacuum hadn't have been so expensive I would have binned it and bought a new one. I don't believe Dyson are not aware of this being an issue, a quick google of the reviews for this model show lots of people are experiencing the same issue. I don't know whether there is an issue with a particular batch of these vacuums, but in my opinion the quality is substandard and certainly isn't worth the hefty price tag. I'd be very interested if you could get a response from Dyson or other customers about this, the vacuum I have certainly isn't of the quality I expect yet with Dyson blaming the way I use the vacuum I don't feel there is anything I can do in terms of the 5 year guarantee that I have with my product. Many thanks Janitta

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