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03/09/2016 ripoff

Complaint about

Not sure how to join in this conversation but maybe this will be seen. Today my wife and i booked a weeks stay in London for my brother and mother. 5 minutes after we booked it we found it £73 cheaper, so we immediately called booking .com to inform them that their price match guarantee was in question. My wife helped the lady from booking .com to find it on the cheaper website and she said we would receive an email . We did and in the email it refused to refund us the difference as we did not meet their terms and conditions. We read them fully and to our minds we did meet the terms and conditions fully, we acted immediately. We called them again and a very unknowable person said that we did not meet their terms and conditions. I give up, its a total ripoff. They DO NOT offer any kind of price guarantee, well they certainly did not with us. Very Pissed off and will never use again. John

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