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failed to help get another flight

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failed to help get another flight

Complaint about Norwegian

On 31 august wed 2016 we were supposed to go on holiday to maspalomas we were delayed by airport staff and security even thought we were there in plenty of time and security had problems with a bag size by was in the limit for the airline and approved by airline by the time it was all sored and the fight had gone and the airline said that would help get us onan other flight that did find.another flight but we would Av to pay another £600 each unless we payed that we couldn't go on holiday the problem with security and hold up was because my friend was put though a tsa scanner why she gave no provercation and she was mum traveling with teen son and teen cousin husband and no one else was singled out that put her thou insignificant search ie she ware flip flops bear feet and still search hear feet and scanned the flip flops by the time thay finished we tthay had to come home on other chose my self I made it to mapalomas but with out family wat kind of holiday would I get so went to said airline see if could up my ticket to get home for my family thay said if I pay £480 thay could it was another airline got me home cheaper and wonted to help dew to citustion so know we are all left with no holiday ....

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