Extememly Poor Customer Service and False promises - Complaint about Vodafone - A Spokesman Said

Extememly Poor Customer Service and False promises

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Rebecca Thomas


Extememly Poor Customer Service and False promises

Complaint about Vodafone

I have been a loyal customer to Vodafone for several years but over the last two years have encountered endless issues with my account and the services Vodafone provide. My issues began when I tried to add another line to my account, they stated the would send a phone but it never arrived. I was being charged for a phone I was not using. I spoke to a Vodafone customer service assistant who stated to stop the bill being taken from my account to cancel the Direct Debit, this is what I did. We arranged for redelivery of the phone and re set up my Direct Debit over the phone. From here onwards my issues with them continued for the next two years. Three months later to my shock I had an email stating I had a phone bill that I had not paid for over £300. I spoke to Vodafone who stated the Direct Debit had not been set up correctly. They cleared the bill and took the Direct Debit instruction for a second time. This happened THREE times throughout the year and I was having call back Vodafone month after month spending hours each time on the phone. Each individual I spoke to assured me the issue was resolved, On the third occasion Vodafone stated they would not clear the bill even through it was no error of my own. They stated they had an incorrect mandate number and the issue was now resolved. I had lost all confidence at the point. I wanted make a complaint. I gave my complaint to a manager over the phone and paid the £300 bill. I was told approx. 8 weeks for this to be investigated. Time went by and I again contacted Vodafone on countless occasions being promised call backs that never took place, I have lost count how many hours I have spent on the phone. I was then told that a compliant was never logged as they saw me paying the bill as a 'resolution' and the complaint was never put forward despite me making it quite clear I was frustrated and angry with the company and wanted this matter investigated. To my dismay this did not happen. Eventually I was told due to the extremely poor level of customer service I had received I was able to upgrade both numbers on my phone early. Ideally I wanted out of my contract but they said this was not possible therefore I upgraded my phone and two months later we called back to upgrade the second line on my account. Its not three months later and this still has not taken place due to false promises and continually being lied to. I have had the phone put down on me I don't know how many times after I have been on hold for hours on end. I would really like it if you could investigate how many times I have been in contact with the company and all the notes on file. I have spend the last two years in distress because of Vodafone. It is so disgraceful that such a large organisation can treat their customers this way.

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Phil Wilson | 20/01/2017 13:47 | VERIFIED

Hi Rebecca, Please accept our apologies for the troubles this has caused, along with the delay in our reply. If this has yet to be resolved, please email our Social Media team directly here: http://vdfn.co/E195. Once done, we'll be in touch to help as soon as possible. Thanks, Cailen

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