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change of ownership name

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karen perry


change of ownership name

Complaint about TalkTalk

My son got into difficulty with paying bills , he rang Talktalk who suggest that he finds someone else to become the owner of the account, this would avoid the service reconnection fee. I spoke to the Talk talk representative telling them that i would only agree to becoming the account owner if this would be a temporary arrangement and that i would not be liable for any bills. I was told that when my son's account is up and running then to ring talktalk and ownership will be transfered back to my son. I rang talk talk and they said that there was 2 accounts at my sons address one being in my name and if i changed the ownership then both accounts will be closed. As i did not wish to be associated with talktalk i completed the online form and sent it by post. My son recieved a letter addressed to me at his address stating that i owed them money £17.01 and my son got seperate bill for his account but for the same line! i rang them to ask why the ownership change had been refused and why did i owe them this time the unpaid bill had risen to £45.21... i as told that if I did not pay then the ownership name could not be changed...i paid due to A not wanting a bad credit history and B wanting not to be connected to Talk Talk... i completed another online change of ownership form and posted it. I have rang again and they have still not received the form after over 3 weeks....they said they will send a letter in 14day addressed to me at my sons address to inform me of their decision about ownership!! I have come to the end of my tether and feel that i was deceived by talktalk as they have set up an occount in my name making me liable for bills for a service that i do not use...this is a very stressful experience and one that i need to have resolved!!

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Mark Davies | 08/09/2016 15:16 | VERIFIED

Hi Karen, Let us get this looked into, please get in touch with us on our Twitter feed @TalkTalkCare Thanks Abbie

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