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Not told the facts.

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Sylvia Parradine


Not told the facts.

Complaint about Friends Life

This is a copy of the letter sent to Kelvin Mackenzie which he requested I send on to you. Dear sir I have been reading with interest some of the firms you take to task. This has prompted me to write and tell you about an Insurance policy I began The 4th of 8th 1997, nineteen years ago, paying £10 a month. Yes I admit I Signed up to this policy which stated I would receive the sum of £1, 420. I am now asking Sun Life how they arrived at this sum when I began this policy. I now have learnt what a stupid mistake I made signing to this as so far I have paid £2,280, if I cancel payments I loose all that I have paid in. I now 85 and really hope to Be around for a while yet. The insurers are saying well you signed the documents. I have another policy with them which is as bad, and I learnt the other day the Sun Life insurance cannot help with this one so it comes under Friends Life. I do hope I have not done wrong getting in touch, but this is an example of how worried I am about it all. What can I do if anything? It looks as though they have and are making a good profit from just me, how many others I wonder are in the same boat as me, Yours Sincerely, Sylvie Parradine.

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