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Extortionate cost

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Extortionate cost

Complaint about UK Home Save Ltd

I have just purchased Home Saves heating and water saving package The adviser who came to assess my home assured me it was too good to miss .He quoted a saving of £620 per year and that if, for example i only saved , £500, the company would refund the £120 difference. So confident was he of this saving, he said that i could immediately ring my supplier and inform them that I would like to pay £40 per month less .He backed this up with figures explaining how this was achieved I informed him that i was retired due to ill health with a heart condition and that my cash situation was tight but I duly signed up and agreed to pay the sum of £715 on completion of fitting which was done the following day and the cash paid. I was surprised that there was only one fitter and he was here for around an hour., making me wonder what justified the cost I went online to see if the products were availible to buy publicly and their related prices. For the heater panels, the Combi saver valve and the additive , the total was less than £70, so even at £50 per hour labor plus travelling fees for the fitter the total cost to Homesave is less than £200 ........a profit of over £500! Now, having just seen the same situation described by your last complainant. I agree totally that the cost is extortionate in the extreme and that i was under the impression that the products were exclusive and that the fitting was more involved having been told that there would be two or more fitters I am of the same opinion that i was miss sold and overcharged Also , having been given a price for the same amount of radiator panels, the additive and the comb isave valve as the last complainant .why was i was quoted over a £100 more? I now understand how they can offer to refund me any difference in the saving figure of £620 , because even after paying that, Home Save would STILL be almost £400 in profit!

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COLIN CASSELDEN | 19/09/2016 11:54

further to this , my adviser informed me that the radiator panels would be installed from one end to the other to reflect 100% of the heat . On ALL of my mine there is room at both ends for an extra panel section which means that i'm losing 10 - 20% on each radiator

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COLIN CASSELDEN | 13/09/2016 03:00

correction..i didn't include the cost of the valve which would take the parts total to £110

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