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Xercise 4 less stoke

Complaint about Xercise4Less

I had a membership with xercise 4 less just befor Christmas they took the money out my bank in the jan of this year like they should of then harlands kept saying I hadn't paid so they started charging more and more I looked at my bank and the money had come out so I rung harlands didn't want help infact they put the phone down on me so I cancelled my directangular debt so they couldn't take out money out and I rung the gym it's self which it took a while for them to sort out but in the end they cancelled it Matt at the gym the manager gave us compensation which was a health drink for the trouble that had been caused which my husband picked up for us. In the mean time matt had set up another gym membership in my name when I wasn't ever there and he told my husband that he done that and I'd got to pay 9.99 but everything was already set up we had no details of when payment was coming out or nothing we just paid this 9.99 cause he'd ticked that I accepted the terms and conditions without me been there on my behalf but without my say so. Anyway the next month the 9.99 didn't come out the bank so the took 34.99 out of my bank got the proof it came out rung harlands they put me through to cancellations which there reply was there isnt any membership in my name it's cancelled they said I don't know why you've been put through its in black and white on the screen. So left it at that then I started getting letters from collection from a bailiff company wanting mone so we rung matt him self said we are having this problem he said I'm really sorry about this and that he would look in to it for us. Week after we rung back to see what had happened and got he's on hoilday for a week. So we rung back a week later matt was back off hoilday we spoke to him he said he cancelled my membership before he went on hoilday and he'd would sort it out got nothing back so left it at that. Then we kept getting letters for money so I went straight to the collections bailiff and they are working trying to solve it but xercise 4 less just keep saying or matt as they say keeps saying that I've never spoken to him we've been in no contact that I was there when he set the member ship up trying to cover his back and make me in to a liar and this is still going on now

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