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Joke! No internet three weeks, no resolution

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Joke! No internet three weeks, no resolution

Complaint about TalkTalk

Three weeks ago I have reported a fault with my broadband- too which the router has been replaced. However this router isn't the issue- I still have no internet. Several phones calls too technical support and time and calling 0345 off my mobile- on Friday the man said he can get an engineer out on Tuesday to have a look at the line. I said does he need to come into my property the guy said no he will check the phone line from outside. Well 8am this morning, several knocks and a phone call a engineer was on my doorstep wanting too come in. I had to leave for work at 8.30am so this was inconvenient and I was lied too as apparently talk talk said the engineer wouldn't enter my property. I was late for work and I still have no internet three weeks later!!! So you have broken your contract by not providing a service and cost me money and my time sorting this out and I can't even get too speak to a person- not acceptable!!! I'm being fobbed off constantly- this stops now- either to resolve this or I will escalate this. Before you say contact your Twitter account- I'm not on Twitter

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Mark Davies | 20/09/2016 14:32 | VERIFIED

Hi Emma, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems. If you don't use twitter you can register and post on our community forums for help Thanks Emma

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