Joie I anchor could of killed my 7 month old - Complaint about Joie Baby - A Spokesman Said

Joie I anchor could of killed my 7 month old

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Joie I anchor could of killed my 7 month old

Complaint about Joie Baby

I purchased the I anchor yesterday in halfords. The fitting was all done by who seemed to be very knowledgeable and I was happy with my purchase until, trying to get baby in the seat in the back of the car was a struggle because the straps kept falling into the seat so struggled getting him in but that was a minor inconvenience. The most awful stomach churning experience with this seat was when my 7 month old fell asleep in the seat rearward facing and was found slumped forward with his head in his chest and not breathing properly!! I tried to get him out which was difficult to do because there isn't much room to get your hands in the sides to comfortably pick baby up. I feel physically sick that this awful car seat (supposedly meant to save lives) could have killed my baby. I have since found reviews all with the same problem. How is this a product that you can sell to parents, when you know of the risk to a babies health/life!! I'm taking the seat back today for a full refund and will be purchasing a well known brand! I still feel sick and am furious this product has not been recalled!! Don't buy this seat!!

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Sofia Cabrera | 14/09/2016 13:29 | VERIFIED

I want to assure you that the i-Anchor Advance complies with all safety standards. However, the safety and satisfaction of our customers is paramount so please let us know if you have any difficulties gaining a refund when talking to Halfords – we’ll be happy to assist. (Continued below...)

Sofia Cabrera | 14/09/2016 13:29 | VERIFIED

One thing that may help with the head loll you have noticed is the use of progressive inserts that we recommend for children as young as your little one. May I inquire as to whether the store advised about the use of these? Please contact us on 0800 952 0061 if we can help further, or if you would like us to send out the inserts mentioned above. Best, Joie

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