about filming your new TV advert in THAMESMEAD - Complaint about Lucozade - A Spokesman Said

about filming your new TV advert in THAMESMEAD

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about filming your new TV advert in THAMESMEAD

Complaint about Lucozade

It about your filming of your new TV advert, I live in THAMESMEAD right where you was filming your TV add in the tower block , for about 4 days I and many other had to put up with all the noise and with all the roads being blocked off, and with paths being blocked off, with loud music being played, with me and others being told not to go out onto are own balconys because of drones flying around, this really really was not on, why should I and others be put through this, I could not take my dog out the way I always do, I had to take him out a different way along roads because you lot had blocked off the paths, you had blocked of all roads outside my block of flats so no one could drive down the road for 4 days, day and night we had to listen to the same record being played with some women shouting out, So all the dancers could dance in tune, and to top it all off we was told to shut are balcony door and not go out because of fly drones, not once did anyone ask the people who live here if it was OK for you to do all this, not once did any one from your filming crew say sorry, I for one am very annoyed, my poor dog has not been the same from all the noise you lot made, and the flying drove, hope you will email me back saying why you think it is ok for you to do this where every lives, just so you can sell more of your drinks

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