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Dishonest Shop Keeper!!!

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Charlotte Smith


Dishonest Shop Keeper!!!

Complaint about House of Fashion

This shop has recently opened downstairs In the Grafton Centre. I was at first attracted to the shop due to their half price suitcases and bags which I had bought a couple of weeks back. However, when I visited last week I picked up a pair of M/L trousers for myself which was hanging on the rails. I am a size 10/12 so I was hoping that they would be the right size. Also, the shop keeper told me that they were the only size that he had available. I paid for the items in cash and the shop keeper then said that he would fetch me a pair from the back. He put the pair of trousers in a bag and handed it to me. I said thank you then walked to the bus stop with my daughter. However, whilst waiting for the bus I decided to check my bag and to my surprise noticed that the shop keeper had given me a pair of XL/XXL trousers instead of M/L. I therefore had to miss my bus and quickly walk all the way back to the shop before it closed as it was on a Sunday and nearly 4pm. I explained to the shop keeper that he had given me the wrong size. He then explained that it was by mistake and that he wanted to give me the 1 in the package from the back instead of the one on the rails. Anyway, he then exchanged it for a M/L. At first I thought he could well of made a simple mistake like he said until I got home and tried it on. Although I was able to pull it on It was way too tight.Therefore the M/L is in fact a size 8/10 in the UK dress size and the size XL/XXL is more than likely to be a size 12/14 In the UK. I am quite sure that the shop keeper was well aware of the incorrect dress size on the labels which Is why he sneakily gave me a size XL/XXL(size 12/14 but did not have the honesty to make me aware that the sizes labels on these trousers are different than the Uk size labels. This is very unprofessional of him and If he can't be honest with his female customers then he should not be selling women's clothing. There are no changing rooms in this small shop so women can not try their clothes on before they purchase. There use to be a really lovely clothes shop opposite the toilets downstairs in the Grafton that I use to shop at regularly called Collections that sold women's clothing. Even though there were a couple of men selling in the shop they were very honest about the correct UK size labels on their clothes and they also had a changing room. This male shop keeper needs to learn from them and be honest instead of wasting our time!

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