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Sales pitch not a diagnostic



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Chris Redfearn


Sales pitch not a diagnostic

Complaint about RIGHTIO

After moving into our house and finding the boiler would not light I called Rightio to come to fix it. They arrived promptly and switched the boiler on. Based on the noise it made (without even taking the cover off) I was told that I 'might' need a new PCB but there was no way to tell. I was then told that the only real fix was to get a new boiler. I was also told that the piping looked very suspicious so I ought to take a lot of it out and refresh it. It felt suspiciously like a sales pitch. I was charged £109 + VAT for this 'service'. I wanted a second opinion so I called a second plumber that came out, removed the cover, and blew into the unit. The unit was switched on and it lit instantly. I wasn't charged for this service. I wrote to Rightio asking for a refund as I felt the plumber didn't perform any diagnostic of the problem but simply tried to sell me a boiler that (him and his mate) could fit 2 days later. I received a response from Rightio within 24 hours stating that I should provide an invoice from the second plumber so I can prove that they fixed it. Obviously I don't have this. After several calls to them and they not once returning my calls after they'd promised to, it still remains unresolved. I was offered a partial refund of £25 which I have refused. The saga continues. All I would say is, this is an extremely expensive firm in comparison to a lot of 'local' plumbing firms. They ripped me off and refused to do anything reasonable about it. Shop around and don't get stung with a cowboy like I did.

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