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scam by prizehook

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scam by prizehook

Complaint about Prizehook

I received a couple of text messages asking me to enter a competition,. Very odd as I don't do that sort of thing. I had not actually used my phone for some time and they had been trying to extract money but there was not enough credit. Once I topped up out came the two weeks payments which I had allegedly allowed. I texted stop and then complained to them. I contacted TESCO [ my provider] who told me there was no record of my receiving a 4-digit code which I had supposedly entered into a web page!!? I challenged them on that basis and I was eventually offered a refund of £9 which I collected from the Post OFFICE. This is serious! I hope to contact the police or whoever deals with this.

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Danielle Martin | 29/09/2016 09:22 | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Burgess, your network provider would not be able to confirm the 4 digit PIN number message when looking at your bill, as this is a free text message and therefore will not show on there. You can only confirm your entry via this process, so you could only have been charged when this was done from your handset. [1 of 2]

Danielle Martin | 29/09/2016 09:22 | VERIFIED

[2 of 2] I can see from your comment that a refund has been issued as a goodwill gesture, therefore I assume this query has now been resolved. Kind regards, Danielle, Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook

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