incopetence of your staff and discusting level of avalbility to resolve maters by post and telphone - Complaint about Concentrix - A Spokesman Said

incopetence of your staff and discusting level of avalbility to resolve maters by post and telphone

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incopetence of your staff and discusting level of avalbility to resolve maters by post and telphone

Complaint about Concentrix

right where to start i recieved one of your poncy letters that hundreds maybe thousands more recieved stating i have someone live with me so i called explained to whoever i spoke to that my cousin ask me to use my address as a carer of address as he just split up with his girlfreind who he didnt want noing where he was staying to stop her turning up all the time now the last time i checked there is no law stating i cant have another family members mail coming to my house not criminal nor hmrc laws so you have no right to punish my family make us starve and be deprived living on £48 child benifit every week along with that i get income support which should be around £150 every 2 weeks but i only receive £86 of this because the goverment decides to start taking to pay back other things 1 of which i shouldnt even be paying because its another mistake made by a council yes another goverment company messing up at the cost of my childrens well being so please help me out here i was asked to send all sorts of ridicolous statements that be honest wouldnt help you catch anyone one bit if any had any brains u would see this waste of time and taxpayers money so i did send these documents bank statements back to april 2015 as ask with my tenency agreement other bills etc for your office to lose all my personal stuff which is a breach of duty what did u do throw them send them back to someone else i sent these 4 weeks ago today if u want proof citizens advice wrote the hand written letter i was ask to send with the documents now i told your guy on the phone i couldnt personaly write this leter due to a damaged right hand thats been unusable for 2 years now partialy disabled waiting further surgery but the goverment agian says im fit enough to go back to work as a builder more unfair ridiculous crap from goverment..come monday 19th september 2016 it will be 5 weeks with no tax credits which i receive weekly £170 roughly which is my legal entitlement ive checked a number of times online on the phone and this is very acurate wouldnt you agree?so i make that around £1100 missing from my family i cannot and will no longer be able to look after my own children as im not gona be able to feed them and keep the house running i am not gonna be able to run around sorting out more documents as this cost money and time i dont have 5 weeks have passed what makes you think i can wait as long as i already have its imposable im not a miracle worker cause thats whats its gonna take for me and my children to survive how can your office be so stupid as to deal with this the way you have no wonder your not getting a new contract saved millions but ruined how many childrens lifes unesesarily its taken a massive strain on my family even your own staff agree thats its dog work of george osbourne and david cameron again whoo both have taken the back door exit leaving this poxy mess and company called concentrix ruining peoples lives i.t.v. are intrested in this story as my human rights and childrens rights are in massive breach i would like this resolved imediatly and i wont take legal action beleive me i will and i will find the money to pay for it myself even if i have to break the law im prepaired to take that risk im sick of being screwed over by the goverment

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