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Backtracked on agreed solution

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Joanne Pearson


Backtracked on agreed solution

Complaint about Wren Kitchens

Published 3 seconds ago DONT KNOW HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! It began by being quite a pleasant experience until we hit problems with the design... Went back to the Hull store where the designer/salesman held his hands up and accepted liability. A miscalculation whereby our Smeg fridge needed a wider space for door opening and also obscured a pantry door because of depth. A solution was found (new tower fridge with housing to match rest of kitchen) the salesman went to get authorisation. As he had said it was totally his mistake the company would pay for it all. He came back to his desk smiling saying it's all sorted we can go with it. We then went on to choose a fridge and discuss the extras needed. We shook hands with the promise of a phone call to arrange delivery the next day. At the end of the day I received the call saying sorry 'they' won't do it. Meaning it hadn't been authorised! You can probably imagine the next conversation. After hours of phone calls, being passed from sales to the directors office, to resolutions (who all sit next to each other!) waiting around, an internal investigation, more lies from the manager..... it eventually turns out that my husband and I must have been dreaming that Sunday afternoon because it was never authorised in the first place! This is according to the area managers findings as he had no reason to not believe the salesman. That must mean that when I took the phone call from him the next day he didn't say I SAID IT WAS AUTHORISED BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEY'D DO IT!!!!!!! That still doesn't explain why he left his desk and who he spoke to to get authorisation. This company is rotten to the core, where senior staff are covering for others and the after sales are appalling. So in fact they made US out to be liars! The customer is always right? Forget it. I am a £316 worse off liar and that store will just carry on saying anything to make customers happy and get them out of the store.

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Wren Kitchens | 28/09/2016 10:18 | VERIFIED

Hi Joanne, An email was sent on 23/09 and now resending 28/09 at 11:17 to the correct email address, please can you check all spam. Alternatively please discuss with our teams on 0345 127 7008. Thank you Emma - Wren Kitchens

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