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Ray Osbourn


My Kindleebook account

Complaint about Amazon

I purchased six books from Amazon which didn't arrive. I have receipts for each book. It took five days to get the order sorted. For some reason, my password needed to be changed, and at the same time, my account was changed to my wife's name. She has never requested an Amazon account as if she wants to buy any products I buy them on my account. paying by PayPal, which has always worked well. After 5 days the books were refunded as they appeared nowhere on my IPad, my Kindle or my wife's Amazon Fire. I was advised to reorder so l tried one. Immediately the receipt arrived but no book. According to Amazon it is in my wifes's account again (which she hasn't got and doesnt want) If they can change it without my permission or hers, why can't they change it back. I also have an email that says l changed my name from Ray to Wendy. I have not have not changed my gender. ,

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