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Shame on you

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Fran Gallagher


Shame on you

Complaint about Prizehook

Like most of the complaints on here I have never knowingly signed up for this so called service. Yet have been charged £67.00 for 18 unsolicited texes that have been sent to me over the last month, I only became aware of this when I checked my latest bill ... I did not open or even read them just delete them !!! WHAT A TOTAL CON THIS IS i rang the supposed helpline to be told that i have enter a 4 digit code.. no I did not and this is what all the complaints are about, yet every response from prize hook on here tells us we had to have done for them to take any money.. Id like to ask prise hook ARE WE ALL STUPID DID WE DO THIS JUST SO WE CAN PAY FOR YOU TO SCAM US OUT OF OUR MONEY.... That seems to be your response to all the people who you have been charging £4.50 for every text you send... 18 texts have cost me £67.00 oh yes I would have agreed to this !!! I think not.. But you say I did .. Not true you are connners who should be ashamed of this con..

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Danielle Martin | 29/09/2016 09:20 | VERIFIED

Dear Fran, any charges on your mobile phone bill can only be incurred if your phone handset has been used to interact with one of our services. It sounds like you have already spoken with our Customer Services Team, but if you need any further clarification you are welcome to get back in touch via [email protected] or 0330 134 0183. Kind regards, Danielle, Customer Services Manager for PrizeHook

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